Premium Full Denture


Our Premium Dentures are almost better than the real thing. Each set is hand-crafted in our own denture Lab to the exact needs of every patient. This is a detailed process that includes a complete wax prototype (or sample) called a “Try-In Denture.”

Using the Try-In, we can tailor the shape and size of the teeth and denture so you get the smile that is just right for you before they are ever crafted.

In order to personalize dentures to match your existing teeth or complexion, you can choose from 27 different teeth shades and levels of translucency. Then we ensure a natural look by choosing just the right matching tissue color for the gum line. We also include details on the surface of the denture to help stimulate your natural anatomy.

Premium Dentures are as strong as they are beautiful. They’re made from one of the lightest, most durable materials ever created for dentures. This advanced compound is flask in high pressure and then heat-cured into a personalized form developed for each individual patient. The result is a device that’s more odor-and stain-resistant, as well as denser and less porous. This gives it higher-impact strength and means it can have a longer life.